Spatia Wireless AirPlay Speaker

₦70,000 ₦190,000

Spatia's excellent sound quality and attractive design makes it the perfect AirPlay speaker for any home or small office.

AirPlay Speaker

Spatia is a wireless AirPlay sound system that fills your house with spacious, high-fidelity sound. With its chic cabinet design, meticulous craftsmanship and elegant controls, it blends in naturally with any home décor.


More Than Meets The Eye

Hidden beneath Spatia's elegant form factor is a spectrum of innovative technologies that deliver a powerful, yet balanced sound. The single-enclosure, three-way system features five individual speakers: two 1-inch silk dome tweeters, two 2.75-inch mid-range drivers, and a 4-inch downward firing subwoofer. The audio system employs two Class-D amplifiers to drive the high/mid, and low frequencies separately. Spatia's advanced circuitry is comprised of two discrete DSP chips and digitally-tuned crossovers for wider sound imaging reproduction. This produces smooth highs, luscious mids, and deep lows with excellent tonal balance even at high output levels.


Wireless Freedom

Spatia comes equipped with AirPlay technology, allowing you to stream lossless audio over your Wi-Fi network from any iOS device or computer with iTunes. The speaker's built-in Antenna Diversity technology lets you listen to your favorite music no matter where you roam around the house. Spatia also features Wi-Fi Direct, which gives your device a direct wireless connection to the speaker when your Wi-Fi signal is weak or out of reach.


Spatia Speaker App

Simply download Spatia's dedicated app and follow the setup instructions to start listening to your music. The app also features an adjustable equalizer that allows you to customize and save preferred sound profiles. As an added bonus, a curated suite of ambient sounds is included for sleeping and relaxation. With room-warming sound and a unique design, Spatia is the premier choice for those seeking high-fidelity sound and style in a wireless home speaker.

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